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She Dared Me, I Dared Not – Notthedane56




“Wouldn’t you like
to kiss me”, she teased.
She batted her eyelashes
and leaned over the counter
showing me, well showing the better side
of her argument,

Her boyfriend,
6 foot 11
all brute and brawn, ready
to snap my matchstick body
in two,
No way, say I, No way!

“You’ve thought about it, haven’t you?”

Would I, could I, should I tell her?
How I’ve wanted to kiss her, since
Well since that day, that minute
my goodness, what is happening
to me?

All of those love movies
and the songs within, and the actors
you know, who hated each other
at the start,
and you know, where that is leading?

“I dare you, I do” she said.
telling me that everyone, anyone else
never ever her gates of Paradise
enter would, not until
not until she’d found true love
her knight, her rescuer, the man who

Wait a minute! The man who, what?

All I wanted, the very least on my mind,
well, perhaps a few inches, or so below
her lips,
but when starting a journey, you never know
where the path will lead you?

“Kiss me”, she yelled. In the imperative form
She might as well, have said, “or else”
but she left me to myself, pondering my fate,
wondering how many other men would act,
where I had failed,

She looked around, high and low, expecting to see…

“Wait” I cried, My hand in the air, motioning her over, lest
the opportunity failed me. Left me high and dry. Alone again

She looked as if, as if it were time to file her nails, or take a smoke, or walk her dog, but not, just not.

I approached her. I looked her directly in her eyes, and said, “I’m ready”.

Walk the dog, or kiss me, what would she decide?

I took her dare, I weighed my options. I placed all other obstacles in the way of those that would stop me from, from……

She dared me. I took her dare. It wasn’t unpleasant, nor unexpected.

When I liked it. Oh, how I liked it.

Then the journey continued onwards….





This story is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea



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