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Looking back on November…

Lovelies… It is a sad day today.

It is the turn of the month. I accessed my stats for the monthly flag check, and it happened… I double checked, just to be sure, and then checked a third time. And a fourth, just in case…

I have no new flag this month!

I knew this would eventually happen. I mean, if I someday reach my goal of getting all the World map’s flags, people won’t start making new ones up just to make me happy, I realize that.

But I don’t have my whole collection yet.

I guess I’ll have to start trying to seduce countries again. But don’t worry Denmark, my Dannebrog was, is and will remain the sweetest flag to see in The Cove’s statistics! And talking about other foreign places doesn’t mean anything at all either. You are The One, and there is no changing my heart!

So, here are the three flags I decided to invite personally to The Cove:



1 (14)

Of course. I’ve been checking my map lately, hoping to see it appear. I’m still waiting Greenland! I don’t know if you’re playing hard to get, or if you just didn’t get the memo that I was longing to see your flag in my collection, but you’re still nowhere to be found (except on the map, I know very well where you are!!)




Botswana, I chose you, because you were the first African country I learned about when I was a child. Some might remember the 1980 movie The Gods Must Be Crazy.Β  The movie was about the Bushman tribe getting in contact with modern civilization. And the Kalahari desert scenes were probably among the first images that made me dream about foreign land.

Botwana, I’d really like to see your flag in The Cove…Β  Stop by and say hi! Please!




Last but not least, Iran. I chose you because… Well frankly, I figured when I pinpointed you on the map, that I didn’t know you much. I know where you are, and I hear a lot about you on the news, but it always has to do with politics, and I realized I needed to get to know you better. Much better! And if you visit, I’ll have to write a whole post about you… What better way to get to know each other, right?

Plus, Google told me your flag was adopted in 1980… 1980 is trying to tell me something today it seems. Must be a sign! So come in, and wave that flag for me!Β  πŸ™‚


So there it is… My special flag request for December! If you follow bloggers from these parts of the planet, or if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone… Well you get it! Spread the word please! πŸ™‚



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