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After Eight Moments…


Let’s play a game… It’s called “Guess Where I Am, Again!!”  




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23 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. hehehe not quite 🙂 I was at work… It was a bit of a joke, because I often “complain” about always being at the office 😉 But you have an eye…. it is an international keyboard!


      1. I can’t even reach my cupboards and no closet. ..however in the CO home we had a closet in the kitchen where the phone was located. Kids loved it because they had total privacy ; )

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      2. Hehehehe I can imagine how they loved it! I used to spend so much time on the phone as a teenager…. Even if my bestfriend lived just a couple of houses down the street 😛


      3. I did watch it this week, but I am not sure we are watching the same season… We’re watching season 4, how about you? I have a feeling you’re at season 5…


    1. Effectivement! Je suis allergique au téléphone, à la maison. Le casque d’écoute aurait pris le chemin des vidanges longtemps avant que j’aie eu le temps de prendre sa photo 😛

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