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A watched pot…

Never boils! Everyone knows that!

Or does it? Of course it will boil eventually, but I wondered if there was any chance that it would take more time to get water to boil if I watched it?

Useless, absurd and stupid? Count me in!

I thought about putting two pots on the stove at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t have two of the same pots. And I figured that even if I did have two, it wouldn’t mean that my stove would heat equally. It is a thirty-something years old stove, and I couldn’t trust it.

I had to use only one pot to make things somewhat scientific. I’d also need water (of course), but that was problematic too. I needed the water to be at the same temperature, but I couldn’t count on my faucet to be this acurate. So I decided to pour two cups, and let them temper on the counter for an hour.

I figured a plan, to make sure all the variables were covered. I’d put some water in the pot, then let it heat until it boiled. Empty the water, than let the pot rest for 20 minutes. Put the first cup of tempered water, bring to boiling while watching (remember to time). Empty pot again, put second cup of tempered water, and bring to boiling once more, turning my back to it. Same time for both!

And then I felt there was a flaw. Even if I wasn’t watching  the second pot, I was waiting for it to boil. Hmmm… That’s kind of the same, right? And it would explain why the two cups of water took the same time to boil. Because water is wise! It sensed I was checking on it, even if I was pretending not to. Dang water!

I started all over again.

But this time, I put my tablet on the fridge, in a perfect angle to film the pot. And the water. Same time. I suspected that if the water could tell I was listening to it, it could have noticed the tablet filming it.

I came back to the drawing table… I had to out clever water! I decided to put my tablet in a stuffed animal, just like the spying teddy bears some parents use to keep a discreet eye on their babysitter. My Lenovo tablet has a 10 inch screen, and at the age of thirty nine, I don’t have that many plushes, which made things a little (very) complicated. I turned to my cell phone. Much easier to hide!

New try, same time!

Now I have to admit that the red stuffed turtle might have given a hint. I don’t usually cook with toys on the fridge. Or maybe water has just gotten suspicious after my several attempts…

For some reason, I don’t look at my water bottle exactly the same anymore….

Maybe I shouldn’t think so much. It would save me time, and I wouldn’t be afraid of water, now.


3 thoughts on “A watched pot…

    1. I didn’t “actually” do all of this, though I very well could have 😛 I was thinking about doing the test, and then I figured there was no way to time water without checking it someway… Kind of a “does a tree make sound if no one’s there to hear it fall in the forest?” riddle we’ll never have an answer for! LOL

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