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If you came to Montréal… (11)

Maybe we could skip the touristic stuff for a day, and go for something less exotic but still fun… Like a “trou Normand” activity?

I’d suggest to go bowling. That’s what I did yesterday… In a little town about an hour away drive from Montréal; Granby.

The bowling place was rather oldish, but I like that. It just feels comfortable to spend time in a place that is not all about high tech and futuristic design. The outdoor sign already gives a good idea of what you’re signing in for…


Inside, the first thing to do is to treat your footsies with old bowling shoes that have seen their fair share of strangers’ feet.


Then, you walk to your alley and grab a less than new seat…



And you prepare to have fun!

Over the years, most bowling places have adopted several disco balls, and black lights, that have been abandoned by pretty much everybody else. And you get to enjoy your bowling as if you were in a 1990’s club!



As I already said, “Le Royaume de la Quille” is not a recent place by any means… The pins are attached to strings that pull them up, after each player’s turn, and put them back in place…  Sometimes, the inevitable happens, but by pulling up, the strings untangle by themselves. Sometimes…

Sometimes though, someone manages to really get these babies tangled up and here’s what happens.


Pins dancing on “Walking on Sunshine”… And yeah, that’s me laughing my heart out in the background, which also explains the blurriness, and the shaking of the camera! (Sorry about the last 15 seconds or so, I thought I had stopped the filming, and I don’t know how to edit my video LOL)

See? Good giggles are always around the corner if you decide to travel with Cyranny!


6 thoughts on “If you came to Montréal… (11)

    1. I agree 🙂 Virtual reality can be fun, but sometimes, there’s nothing like rolling a ball, giving high fives and enjoying a hot dog and fries 😉

      Thank you for your visit, I hope to see you again soon in The Cove 🙂 xx


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