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My crazy brains…



Today’s brain bubble requires a picture first.


24th of October, snail on tree, nothing that much out of the ordinary. That’s what you’d think.

Not me.

Because the snail is four feet high above the ground on that picture. And I thought “Wow, that quite a hike up, for such a small fellow!” And that’s how it all started…

I then wondered what that would translate into, for someone like me… The snail was about an inch in size, I measure 5’4″… I took out the calculator. (well not actually, I just started the app)

There are 48 inches in those four feet of snail climbing.

5’4″ times 48 equals 3072 inches I would have to climb. Which means exactly 256 feet.

Problem being, I suck at estimating lenghts and heights in feet (except for people… but that’s part of being stuck with two measuring systems at once – you can read about it here) So, obviously, I had to convert 256 feet into meters…

256 feet times 0.3048 equals roughly 78 meters.

That’s when I remembered I wasn’t good at estimating heights in meters either. Dang..

I turned to Google, and looked for the average height of a building floor. Seems that 2.66 meters is what those fellows construction workers have settled would be a great measure to use. So back to the calculator…  78 divided by 2.66 equals 29.33.

Almost thirty-storey building… Hmmm. I think I suck at estimating period. I mean, I know that’s high, but how high?

Back to Google. New search: “thirty-storey high famous building” Of course, I wanted to find something well enough known so all of you could have a clear idea of the height we’re talking about…

I chose this building. You might have seen it in The Cove before…



The Montreal Olympic Stadium’s tower is just twenty-storey high…. That means I would have to climb my way, up one and a half towers… Wow, that is high!!


But wait! Why was I calculating all this for, to begin with?

Oh, yeah… Right! There was a snail on the trunk of a tree outside… Sorry about that!



P.S. I have a feeling Mrs Completely will relate, though…. I really wonder why 😛

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