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Coffee? Really?

This is kind of taboo for me… I never really discussed it with anyone before, aside joking around with Madame Suze about starting a GoFundMe fund, a while ago.

Talking about mixing blogging and money makes me uneasy. Very uneasy.

If I was working for someone who was willing to pay me for writing, I’d be more than thrilled to take the money and run away with it! If I was offered to blog for a company, I’d take the paycheck without the slightest afterthought. I’d sure wouldn’t mind getting my share of book sellings… But for that, I’d need to have a book out there, selling.

I have seen some bloggers using Patreon, and I have checked it out… To be entirely honest, I did subscribe and I have a fantom profile waiting to be made public. Which might, or might not happen… I am still very confused about how I feel about it.

For one thing, I don’t see why strangers would give me money to do what I’ve been doing for the past two years, for free. If anything, I’d be less surprised if some people decided to pay me to slow down, or stop blogging altogether! Mouahahahaha

I know people who have Etsy stores, to sell their pictures, or their art pieces… But I don’t have anything to sell. I can’t even offer wisdom of any kind. Being paid for this would be a fraud!

But… It doesn’t cost a dime to leave a link there, at the bottom of the page. And if people want to leave money, if they find anything valuable in my ramblings about life and my pictures, I’d be a fool to refuse their contribution.

But I am not ready yet. Not ready, not meaning not curious…

And I found Ko-fi.



Ko-fi is the website behind the “Buy Me a Coffee” buttons you can see on some bloggers’ pages. With Ko-fi, readers can easily transfer little contributions to said blogger. I think the idea is cute, and though I don’t expect anything from it I thought “Yeah, I could try that!”.

I think what intrigues me the most about the concept, is not to see how it would feel to see money coming from people. I wonder what it feels like to think “hey, someone thinks my ramblings are worth stopping by to offer me a coffee!”

Anyway… The button is now available in my widget side-bar, and I just want to repeat that I am not asking for people to use it!

I just wanted to explain the sudden arrival of the new widget…


Do you use either Patreon and or Ko-fi yourself? How does it work out for you? If not… What keeps you from trying it? I’d like to read your thoughts about it in the comments below!!

44 thoughts on “Coffee? Really?

    1. forget it, I found the post, and I think exactly the same… People will not pay to read me… but I am offering the option, to people who have loose virtual change to spare, to spare it on me, if they wish so…

      Which they will not πŸ™‚ And that is fine with me πŸ™‚

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      1. Mouahahahaha well now I know I’d look for an at-home-dad with a terrible toddler…. Babies seem to make people available at all times πŸ˜› Mouahahahahahah

        Just kidding, you know you’d be missed!


    1. M is actually completed (well… the French version) I am slowly getting the English translation done. It is a lot of work but comments like yours really make me want to try to finish it and try to send it out to see if editors could be interested πŸ˜‰ Time will tell.

      Thanks again for your kind words πŸ™‚ xx


  1. Thanks for explaining cause I thought that there are more and more coffee freaks here on WordPress. What an error indeed! Sounds a little bit like crowd-funding, and spending someone a coffee is nothing unusual or a crime. In general money and blogging should not be mixed, so blogs with real commercial advertisement are disliked by me.

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    1. I totally understand the confusion… At first, I too wondered why more and more people seemed to be asking for a cup of coffee online πŸ˜‰

      After checking out Ko-fi’s website, I thought the idea was cute, and figured that offering the option to encourage me with a little contribution wouldn’t hurt, especially if I didn’t regularly post a message asking people to click on the button….

      It felt necessary to “introduce” the new widget, but from now on, I won’t refer to it again. What ever will be, just will be. I have no expectation πŸ˜›

      I don’t judge people who work hard to monetize their blog, but I don’t feel worthy of doing so.

      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

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  2. Cyr? I thought you liked tea..can’t you put a tea cup there instead of a coffee cup? Then people can send coin for something that we Americans started a war over….see now it becomes something special instead of monetary! lol

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      1. I agree… I hesitated before putting the ko-fi link, because I didn’t want to look like I expected people to “pay” me to entertain… I blog because I love it!

        But it is every writer’s dream to pay the bills doing what they love. I know it won’t happen to me… And I thought I’d just leave the opportunity to eventual readers who really enjoyed their time reading, to encourage me, even in the most modest way πŸ˜‰


      2. Awww thank you, Simon πŸ™‚ You’re always so kind! xx

        Good ideas… I might just do that, if I decide to seriously consider monetizing, but I highly doubt it…


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