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My crazy brains…



Some would call me weird (or just slightly, but we all know that it’s just an attempt at being polite!), and I won’t blame them. Some (and this is true!) have started running to their happy place when I say the words; “You know, I’ve been thinking….”  Yes, although they keep a nervous smile on (most of them can’t escape, when this happens, because most times, we’re at work, and Boo boss won’t let them flee home!) I see the distress in their gaze.

You know those thoughts your lovely brains discard automatically to the useless-uninteresting-pointless bin without the slightest afterthought? Well, you wouldn’t know, because they just barely cross your mind, leaving time for quality, productive thinking… My brain feeds on these futile thoughts.

I could keep them for myself, and people probably wish I did. But I just can’t.

We all know that whatever I have been thinking about, they can’t prepare for, because it comes out of nowhere.

I had one of those this morning, after taking my yellow flower picture. But I had no one to share it with. I worked alone, and I figured I could bother you Lovelies with it. Yeah, because whale farts might be funny, but sometimes, my out-of-nowhere thoughts are just strange, period.

So I had just taken the picture for my plant post, and walking back to my office, I started thinking about how many pictures I had taken with my cell phone since I got it. And how a good part of them are vertical pictures, due to the way you usually hold a phone. And how actual cameras have a more horizontal natural position in our hands, therefore, people had to take more horizontal pictures with them… And I wondered…

Did someone sit down, somewhere in this world of ours, to study the influence of the intelligent phones on the ratio of vertical vs horizontal pictures compared to back-in-the-days, when people brought their real camera with them?

I agree, that was too long a phrase. I appologize. 

See? Nothing slightly funny here. But I still wondered… I bet there is at least one study out there, that would prove my innate thought right. And I bet that someone would be pleased to know someone else is wondering about his/her work. Because most people probably don’t give a dang about the months making charts, and gathering facts, interviewing people and compliling numbers….

I am that someone! Doesn’t it make me special… a little bit?

Some people use their brains to cure terrible diseases, or to build aircrafts… I don’t. Sorry!

12 thoughts on “My crazy brains…

  1. Ok not as bad as I was expecting and yes I did think “Oh god” when I read the words ‘I’ve had a thought’
    There probably has been studies on the aspect layout of pictures since the advent of smart phones. I’m sure a quick Google search will find it.

    And not to be padantic but it “Portrait” and “Landscape” when talking about photography not vertical and horizontal. But you’ve been up since 4am so I’ll let you off this once


  2. Okay. I’ll share a story with you. I was about 10 years old. My father got a good promotion at work so he decided he would take the whole family to Disneyland. Our plane left very, very early in the morning so the evening before the flight we drove from our town to stay in a hotel close to the airport. As we were driving through Edmonton, I noticed an exit sign that said ‘Fox Dr.’ Before I could think better of it I said out-loud “Fox Doctor”. My mother slowly swiveled her head around to look at me in the back seat with a completely stunned look on her face. My father’s eye’s drilled into me through the rearview mirror. Time stopped for a moment and then laughter. Loud laughter – even from my sisters.

    Of course they didn’t understand the epic journey my brain took the moment I saw the sign.

    1. Hmmm. The abbreviation for Drive is exactly the same as Doctor.
    2. Wouldn’t that be confusing to foreigners?
    3. Would someone see that sign and think Wow, Canadians are total weirdos about Doctors that they put up signs for every kind of Doctor – even a Fox Doctor.
    4. I can’t be the only one that thought about this.
    5. It’s not like the sign was too small to spell it out fully to avoid confusion. Fox Drive.
    6. Maybe this was a trick.
    7. Someone would have to be very bored to try tricking people with abbreviations.
    8. English is a weird language.

    My parents thought I was dumb. I tried to explain my mental journey but after a few minutes I just gave up. They still talk about and still laugh about it; I’ve tried as an adult to explain it but it’s useless.

    I’m telling you this because I wanted you to know that you aren’t alone. You belong to an entire tribe of weirdos and we love you. :o)

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    1. LOOL Okie, I feel muuuuuch better now… And so should you, because when I read your comment, I first read Fox Doctor too, had a semi-second of “whut??” before thinking “Ahhh yes… Drive!” and continuing your story!! Our brains most certainly come from the same factory. I am guessing they got subventions to hire disabled workers 😛

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