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Do your job…

And I’ll keep doing mine… If you don’t mind.

While chatting with this good friend of mine today, it came to the subject of policemen (and/or women, of course), and how they now had the weird habit of asking the population to be on the look-out everytime they lost someone.

Wether it is a missing person, or someone on their most wanted list, they go to national television, and ask the public to be aware and call if anyone notices any individual fitting the profile…

Of course authorities have been doing it for a while now, but they used to offer rewards for those who could provide clues, and useful pieces of information. Which seemed like a fair thing to do, if you ask me.

Now, there are announcements almost every single day, and I even found a tv channel that specializes in presenting the current criminals on the run, on a 24/7 loop.

And I wonder… Why do we have to look for these people? Isn’t that the police’s work? Aren’t they getting paid for that? I have my own job, and I doubt I could ask my local police station for back up watching the network for me and flagging any light turning to red, while I do something else…

I say it should be all about give and take! I don’t mind keeping an eye open, just in case I’d walk by someone suspicious, but if I catch anyone of interest for representatives of the law, I should be rewarded somehow.

At least, give me a badge, or something.

I really am not that qualified to find people who don’t want to be found… I have no training and I suck at finding Waldo. It kind of worries me if they are so bad at it, that they’d rather rely on me!

I don’t really like the concept of that Most wanted list either… Who else are they looking for anyway, that isn’t quite worth making the list? If I’m going to play cops here, why are they requesting my services to find the really bad ones? Shouldn’t they focus on the badasses and leaving me the lighter cases to solve when I have free time?

Really… I feel a bit cheated. And confused. And tired….

Yeah, I’m mostly tired, I guess.

I think I’ll try to call 911, to see if someone could come and fill that report I have to finish before the end of my shift… Who knows?

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