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A to Z Challenge 2021… Memories


Have you ever participated to the A to Z Challenge ? The annual challenge takes place in April, and goes on all month long. Bloggers publish a post a day, usually using a theme to inspire them.

This year, I’ve chosen to use pictures from my Instagram account. Each of them will bring back a memory of mine, and I’ll discuss the history behind the image. I hope you’ll enjoy the short stories, and that you’ll consider joining in, yourself.

I’ve participated a number of times since I started The Cove. It is a fun challenge, and really recommend it, if you are new to the Bloggosphere. One of the first advices I got from an established blogger was to give the challenge a shot, as everybody knows about it, and it just might help bring new readers to your site.

Here is the list of words I’ll be using for the challenge (the list might change a little, but I’ll update this post if it is the case). Each day, I’ll link in the new post to the letter below.

A like Awesome

B like Birthday

C like Cats

D like Delicious

E like Ethereal

F like Fear

G like Grumpy

H like Happy

I like Imagine

J like Journey

K like Kleptomania

L like Line

M like Minuscule

N like Naughty

O like Original

P like Patience

Q like Québec

R like Romance

S like Sunset

T like Treasure

U like Unique

V like Vibrant

W like Wish

X like Xiphoid

Y like Yellow

Z like Zone

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