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H like Happy…



 Okie, say ”Me!” if you didn’t grin when you saw the picture that speaks Happy to me.

Dear you Mes, warm welcome to The Cove!

I say that because if you don’t know about me and Denmark, you obviously are new around here.

To make a long story short, about twelve years ago, Chéri (who was just a co-worker that I enjoyed spending shift breaks with, back then) introduced me to the Danish band Mew.

For some reason, I kept referring to them as ”the Swedish band”. And each and every time, Chéri corrected me.

And something pushed me to start doing a bit of a research on the tiny country I could only vaguely point out on a map. And it didn’t take long before I found all kinds of stuff that tickled my curiosity. I really don’t remember how this escalated, but after a couple of months, I was obsessed with the great little country. At first, I think that my family and friends thought that my constant Danish references were somewhat amusing. I’ve always had a curious nature, and they probably thought that the Denmark thing would wear off eventually.

After five years, I could tell that everybody, except my parents, Little Bro, J and Chéri (who was now officially Chéri) were starting to get annoyed with my fixation on Vikingland. I was starting to get that ”Yeah, yeah, you love Denmark…” look (usually followed by an uncontrollable rolling of the eyes).

And that’s how The Cove was created. To give me a place where I can blather about it without feeling like I was imposing my fun facts to anybody.

In May of 2016, I gathered just enough money to make my first trip to Denmark. I was anxious. Afterall, all I knew about the country, I had read about or heard about. I could get very disappointed. High expectations are often deceiving.

But not Denmark.

The above picture was taken during my first day in Copenhagen.

I still remember how good it felt to stand above this manhole. Crazy, right? We have these all around the world. But it was the little details like this one that made me truly happy. That first time, and the three that followed.

I guess that we all have our own obsessions.

And it is fine, I think,  as long as it makes us happy!

And Denmark does make me happy.

Truly happy.





This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to revisiting 26 of my favorite Instagram pictures, and the memories that cling to them. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge post, just click here.


9 thoughts on “H like Happy…

  1. Such a great little tale about your experience of happiness. I visited your blog before and knew you were into Denmark, but I never knew how you got into it. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Astrid 🙂 At the beginning of The Cove, I gave much more explanations for my love of Denmark and everything Danish… But I guess that over the years, I just came to think that people just knew, hehehehe. I am glad you enjoyed the explanations. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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