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B like Birthday…



Some people don’t really care about theirs, and some will even pretend to forget about it.

For others, it is the number one reason to party, and my bestfriend, J, is one of those. She doesn’t just celebrate her birthday, she holds a real birth festival almost every year.

I’ve met J when I was in third grade, and she lived just down the street, so I started attending her birthday parties at the age of seven or eight. I remember that even back then, her birthday was the one we all waited for, aside our own. J’s parents were the coolest. They always arranged great games, and there was no such thing as too much noise in their home. They stuffed us with sweets, and let us run around in the house… We even engaged in a food fight one year. And that was indoors!

The rest of the year, they were ”normal” parents. They had their rules, and they had to be followed. But on J’s birthday, all hell broke loose. It was amazing!

Years went by, a little more than thirty to be exact. And you would think that it would mean getting wiser and more reasonable? Think again… The above picture was taken at J’s parents house on her birthday of 2019. Ok, we didn’t play silly games, or make a mess, but we had an epic time, adult-style. J’s father smoked beautiful salmond, and we had a gargantuan BBQ. The family had found a second hand teddy bear mascot costume we had filled with presents from head to toes (J had a thing for teddy bears back then, and believe it or not, the bear was so full, it stood straight up!)

My gift to her was tickets for a concert in London, UK, due in May of 2020. With the promise of an unforgettable trip for she, Chéri and I. It was a little crazy, knowing that we already had plans for our Australian tour in February. But hey! It was J’s birthday… Everything is possible on September 16th!

Unfortunately, Life took a twist since then.

Our trip was postponed to September of 2020, then to May of 2021, and again to September of 2021. I also missed her birthday for the first time in decades. Well, not exactly missed, I just couldn’t attend it. But I know we’ll party twice as hard when we get a chance to (although I don’t know how we can achieve that…)

Until then, I’ll just hold on to this picture. Because it reminds me of our carefree days. And of the closest friend I’ll ever have in my life. Beautiful, filter-free and only seven or eight years old-silly…

On her birthday.

This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to revisiting 26 of my favorite Instagram pictures, and the memories that cling to them. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge post, just click here.

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