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R like Romance…



I am a helplessly romantic gal.

If this comes as a surprise to you, it probably means that you are pretty new here, in The Cove. I know that it hasn’t shown as much during the past year, because staying in between the same four walls for so long has proved to be an incredibly effective dimmer. But watch out, when we’ll all get vaccinated, and we can start to get out and mingle with other people, my mind will go crazy again, and there will be enough love and romance in here, to please the cheesiest reader, I promise!

I’m not the ”princess” kind of romantic. I never dreamt of getting flown to Vienna in a private jet, sipping on a Champagne flute (Though, Mads, if you’d like to fly me to Denmark, I’m totally up to it! LOL). I just have a constant craving for simple but thoughtfull little moments… And I love to plan these little surprises just as much as I do getting them planned for my pleasure…

In May of 2016, when I first visited Copenhagen, I noticed that people were putting locks on a bridge over Nyhavn’s canal, pretty much like on Paris’ Pont des Arts. Lovers, both locals and tourists, were showing their love by leaving these locks on the bridge and throwing the key in the water. 

I just had to do it too. 

And so I did. On my last day of this first visit of Vikingland, I walked to the iconic site with my personalized lock in hand. I found a good spot, sworn to forever love the country and threw the key in Nyhavn’s canal. 

I thought Copenhagen’s authorities would get rid of my lock, but it was still there on my second trip. And the third. And, yes… The fourth. I hope it will still be there when I go back, after the pandemic.

I hope Denmark likes me at least half much as I love it.



This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to revisiting 26 of my favorite Instagram pictures, and the memories that cling to them. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge post, just click here.


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