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Q like Québec…




At some point in my blogging journey, I had talked about Denmark so much that some people were convinced I was born there. I wish I could say they were right. But I was born and raised in that very special Canadian province, that much resembles Asterix’s indomitable Gauls village. We are Canada’s black sheep… For one thing, we’re stubburnly keeping French alive whilst surrounded by English speaking provinces and states.

Québec is worth visiting anytime of year, depending on what you want to see… Our winters are fierce, our summers warm. Autumns are more colorful than you could dream of, and our springs… They just bring the best out of any of us, after going through the coldest months of the year.

The above picture is one of Montréal’s Olympic Stadium and its iconic tower.

Built for the 1976 Olympic Games, the stadium hosted many sports teams and was used for countless major shows. Its tower gives a unique view of the city of Montréal, and is the world’s highest inclined structured (165 meters high, that’s 540 feet) Many think that we should destroy the whole thing, because it is so expensive to keep in shape, and yeah, some people think it is ugly.

I beg to differ. I love its unique look, and I would be sad to see it disappear. 

I might be biased, since it almost stands in my backyard. But hey, what can I say? As a Montrealer of the last 10 years, I want to keep my stadium! And that’s why I have so many pictures of it 😛

And it is just one of the many things you would enjoy about my home province,

Québec 🙂




This year, I am dedicating my A to Z Challenge to revisiting 26 of my favorite Instagram pictures, and the memories that cling to them. If you’d like to get the full list of my challenge post, just click here.


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