10 thoughts on “C like Cats…

    1. It was my pleasure 🙂 They definately bring a little something to everyday life. The apartment would be terribly empty without Freja lying around somewhere…


  1. Thank you for sharing these cats and your history with cats.We are a small dog family but we did have a time when we looked after our daughters cat, Sir Winston, for a few months When she took him home I cried when they went down the driveway. But Sir Winston always remembers us when we go to visit our daughter and her family. He comes up and talks to us and expects to be patted!

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    1. My pleasure, Anne 🙂 I’m sure Sir Winston had the best time with you!! The fact that he still is so demonstrative to this day, is a good proof that you left him a very good impression! Well done, foster Mom 😉 xx

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  2. I love cats, and our last Persian lived to be 14 but my allergies have gotten so bad that we’re just dog owners now. I live vicariously through you and the lovely Miss Freja!


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