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F like Fear…



I’m not the fearful type.

I do have a couple of fears, fire being on the top of the list, but overall, nothing really shakes my tree.

I have to admit that when the World Health Association announced that we facing a world pandemic, I got scared. Not for me, but for Chéri. He is risking having to get rushed to the hospital every time we go out for essential shopping.

And now we’re getting into the third wave.

Of course, we’re close to getting vaccined because of Chéri’s sarcoidoisis, but still. The Brazilian variant is spreading slowly but surely in Canada, and from what I’ve read, it is harder on younger people like us.

I must say, when I spotted this drawing on a sidewalk in our neighbourhood, I thought… ”Yeah, this too will pass.”

Now I do realize that we’re not out of the woods, yet!

10 thoughts on “F like Fear…

  1. Hun, not to be a “Nancy Nay-Sayer” but personally? I don’t think we’ll EVER be ‘out of the woods’. Like the flu (which seems a benign enough thing compared to Covid or any of the variants) Covid is here to stay. It’s how we cope with it that will tell. Society figured out how to cope with the flu, so if history is of any comfort, apparently we’ll figure out how to cope with Covid too. It’s still changed the world and for some of us irreparably. F is for fear is a most appropriate choice!

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    1. I agree, someday, covid-19 will be the new flu… I just hope it will be sooner than later. My problem with history, is that the last time a real world pandemic happened, people didn’t travel as much as we now do. But then again, they didn’t have the level of science we have to fight this virus… So all in all, it’s probably just a matter of time… *Fingers crossed* 😉


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