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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s something you feel you have way too many of?


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20 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I have too many pens. A lot of them probably don’t work either because I’ve had them (around) for so long they’ve dried up. I used to be a tad obsessed for some reason. Now? I try to keep things under control, but still there are too many. 😉

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    1. Oh I like this! You just brought back memories from my childhood. Back then, I think my mom had the same obsession. I remember that we had pens (literally) e-ve-ry-whe-re in the house. Just as if there was a chance that some day, our lives would depend on getting a hold of a pen within 5 seconds. One day, we (for some reason I don’t remember) gathered (most of) them and put them in two large yogourt containers… The madness has lessened through the years, but mom still keeps way more pens than she really needs 😛


    1. S, this made me smile… I don’t buy jewelry anymore (unless it is something really really special), but I used to be an avid bracelets-buyer. They always looked so pretty in the stores, and I couldn’t resist. Back home, I’d find out that they weren’t comfortable or just useless because of long sleeves… Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. Cats. I raised four kids who all excelled at rescuing mangy little strays, but who for some reason failed to take their cats with them when they grew up and moved out. That’s how I ended up as an empty nester with a house full of grandcats.

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    1. Just like Melanie, this made me giggle… You must be one clever Bluebird to still be alive 😉 Jokes aside, if a friend of mine hadn’t given me one of her cats when I moved out of my parents’ (she had two stray cats and a persian, and the first two were bullying the silver princess… Lucky for me!) I probably would have put my mom’s cat in one of the moving boxes, LOL.

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    1. Yeah… I know that feeling. I don’t mind the flow of personal emails, but sometimes, I just wish my inbox could stay empty for a couple of hours, at work 😉


  3. ….please don’t tell anyone…but I think I have too many toilet rolls.

    Jack keeps on buying them – he has a funny way of showing love. I think he feels as if he owes me because during the Pandemic, he and his housemates ran out of toilet rolls and so Jack took most of mine. Ever since then he has been buying me toilet rolls. I need him to stop. It is embarrassing now,

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    1. That’s going to stay between the two of us, I promise 😉

      Caramel, this is just soooooo cute! Both parts of the story, and I do need all the cuteness I can get, these days. You and Jack are just adorable… Who would have thought a toilet paper roll story would have made me smile, without any underlying sarcasm? Thank you for sharing 🙂 xx


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