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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

A simple reminder, as you are about to start your world tour… I hope you got my last letter, writen a while ago and thrown out the rooftop window. The short letter, penned carefully, hoping you’ll look beyond the years I lived, and not look away from this little girl at heart’s Christmas wish…

Santa, oh how I hope my goodwill will overcome my flaws, and that you’ll grant me what’s so dear to my heart. It won’t cost you a dime, and it’ll make my day.

So will you please, dear Santa, fill your bag with smiles, and with sparkle for the eyes, of the people I care most about, spreading them evenly. Offering my friends and family a Christmas most jolly.Β  For those I’ll be holding close to my heart, and the ones that live far apart…

As I lay to sleep, I wish one last time, that when I wake up I will find that all of them got a little Christmas warmth waiting in their Christmas sock, and enjoy a Holiday sprinkled with joy!

Merry Christmas, dear Santa, travel safe as you ride through the skies…. Take good care for the glacial winds might defy you on your way to share your magic, making my loved ones’ a Christmas most fantastic!


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