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If Mumz do it… I do it too!



We changed the couch blanket yesterday night. The days are getting colder and colder, and it seemed fit to do so. But taking out the warmer blankie also meant having to share it with Miss Freja.

I was minding my own business, reading some stuff on my tablet, when she hopped on the sofa, next to me. Cesar, the dog whisperer was playing in the background. When I noticed this.

Freja enjoys television… A.lot. Especially comics and animal shows and documentaries. She pays real attention, and I can see her follow things on the screen and her ears turning around when something surprises her.

When she does it, I can’t help but look at her, and wonder… What does she think?

I mean, she’s been watching those dogs getting trained for about half an hour now… That’s huge for a furball that has the focus of a goldfish.

Really, what are you thinking… Miss Freja?

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