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The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers

Kate has been rather insistent, hmmm… perserverant with me the last couple of months. The lady, also known as Calmkate, was incredibly patient with me, in her relentless will to have me fill this little “interview”.

I’ve never told Kate, mostly because I hadn’t figured it myself just yet. But I think I postponed this week after week after week, simply because I can’t see what people could find interesting in an interview about me.

I get how people can relate to my fiction stories, or my poetry. But me? 

I did answer her questions, though. Because I really like Kate, and her blogs, and I thought “What the dang? The worst that can happen, is that no one pays attention to this post!”

I recommend you skip my interview, and visit the rest of the blog instead! But I did my best to entertain, as usual…


P.S. this doesn’t count as posting… it is a reblog! LOL


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