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Achtung Baby!


Yes, watch out!

As some of you might have noticed, I have been a bad bad blogger for the past week or so. I, who constantly talks about how cool it is to interact with people, and who cherishes the long, funny and thought provoking chit-chats in the comment box, have stalled somewhere at the beginning of last week.

Since then, I have been looking at your messages coming in, thinking about the first ones that awaited a reply, and wondering if I should start with the oldest, or the newest… and letting them pile up after reading.

I feel bad. I know if I read the same thing in your blog, I’d be the first to leave a note saying “don’t worry… Take you’re time… No hurries!” But you know how it is! The guilt is building up, and I need to take care of that.

So this afternoon, and then, until I’ve cleared my week-worth of unreplied-to messages and unanswered questions… I won’t post anything! I absolutely forbid myself to publish anything (except tonight’s After Eight Moment, because it is already scheduled) until my inbox is clear of any pending message. Well, any recent one.

So, get ready to get bombed!

Starting Comment-box Mission in 5… 4… 3… 2…1…


19 thoughts on “Achtung Baby!

  1. nah………you are gonna post something….it is building up now…soon, it will drive you mad! dum, dum, de dum dum! (think jaws shark song there…I know, I can’t sing! Hush!)

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    1. I’m very confident I’ll manage to do it… but it might take a little time since I am leaving soon for an evening at the opera! (that sounds fancy, uh?? I am such a Lady LOL) But the bombing shall start again tomorrow morning… Mouahahahahahaha

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    1. Mouahahahahahaha I love this… You kinda read my mind. I almost added that you were welcome to send replies to my own replies, creating an endless spiral of commenting LOL

      I hope you are doing good today? 😉

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  2. I understand I really do. I can either keep up with posting my own stuff, or keep up with looking at the posts of bloggers I do not know who have liked something of mine and I can’t not acknowledge new follows and take a look at their stuff and then I have to get to my Reader and see what my friends are posting. Jeez! Then I have to also live my life! So I hear you! Do what you can and try not to stress and FGS do not feel guilty.

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    1. Exactly, Anne… Having to choose between creating, and keeping an eye on the feedback, following other people’s posts and encouraging them, and taking care of “real life” sucks…I wish I managed to do it all at once, lol. I guess I’ll have to send a new request for a couple extra hours/day. 😉 Until then, I’ll try to cut myself some slack, not stress out about it, and reply, one comment at a time 😛

      Have a great day 🙂 xx


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