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Are you meh??

Ok… Ok… Madame Suze told me I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from posting something, even if I wasn’t (close to being) done with commenting back on the past week.

Stop laughing Suze… I got it, you were right! (again)

But in my defense – not that I want to accuse anyone or point fingers – this is getting published in great part because of my dear dear dear Bag Lady, Cheryl!

To make a long story short… I was cross-comment chatting with Cheryl, when she said (totally taken out of context, but it doesn’t matter)

– Meh, word of the day : ))

And, as it often does… These few words just made me think about something. What if I wrote to the admins of the WordPress Daily prompt, and asked to submit “Meh” as the word of the day, sometime soon?? Would they consider my request? It got me curious… Again.

(Suze, seriously, quit the giggling, it is disturbing people trying to listen to what I say, and you’re going to break a hip or something, if you don’t stop laughing like that… we all got it, you were right, I am totally addicted to this blogging game… Get over it now! LOL)


If you’d like to see me start another one of my silly, useless plans, just leave me a little “like” and or comment below… and spread the word (literally, meh! LOL) around to your friends… I believe our little circle can have an influence on a challenge many of us have participated in more than once already! And I think it’d be cool to be able to say; “Hey people… that’s OUR word of the day!!”

If you Lovelies aren’t so “meh”, I won’t bother. But if there is interest… You know just how that fuels me!!

Let’s see who’s on team #Meh…  Are you??



18 thoughts on “Are you meh??

  1. Im all for it! I use “Meh” all the time. One of the funniest was a card we found once, for my nephew. His name Dylan, which got shortened to Dyl, then altered to Dyl Pickle, which morphed into just Pickle. Well, anyway, it was his birthday, and card said : On your Birthday, Pickle Wizard has a word of advice…
    Then on ithe inside, is grizzled looking pickle with a crown and a staff, look of total annoyance on his face, and the voice bubble just says “Meh.” I hadn’t thought of that in years. Made me snicker all over again. Thanks. So, I vote yea. 😃👍🏻

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  2. lol you can try but I’ve made suggestions and never heard boo back … they pretty well stick to their script! Ask Judy whose been doing it for years, she often reblogs a post she wrote several years prior to the same prompt … really there are so many words in the english language but they are stuck in a rut.
    You could start your own version of daily prompt, I’m sure we’d all join in 🙂


  3. MEH???? what in tarnation does MEH mean anyway? And I was giggling…until i sort of scooted my desk chair too far backwards trying not to snort a time or two and fell over…if this hp is broken I will somehow find a way to blame it on something….love ya. Now, what were we talking about?


      1. what? lol….okay, yes I am laughing at myself but only because that totally threw my brain out of kilter…by the way…what is kilter? my brain always goes there but haven’t a clue where it is!

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