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Still an hour to go! – M&G Party @ Trina’s

If you don’t know Trina already, just skip my jibber jabber, and click on the link below right now 🙂 If you do know Trina, well, it is time to come by, drop a couple of links for everybody to enjoy, and meet old fellow bloggers as well as new faces!! Free reblogs? Really??? Is anything still free, in 2018? Well, Trina’s reblogs are, so don’t wait until she starts charging us, and join the party!!


I was going to name this one, kids go back to school on Monday but decided against it, however I am celebrating the fact its the last weekend and not just because it means Monkey is going back to school, but we have nothing planned for this weekend, there are no builders coming, the weather […]

via Weekend Share #28 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes