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The Doll – #1MinFiction

-It is absolutely perfect! Turning the doll over in her hands, she was amazed by the details. She’d had some doubts, but it was well worth the price. And the wait. The doll maker turned to her… -Do you have that lock of hair, we talked about? She handed it over the counter. -He is so…… Continue reading The Doll – #1MinFiction

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After Eight Moments…

The first Spring meal…     Dear Lovelies… Just a short note to mention that this is (already) my 200th After Eight Moment! Which is pretty amazing, since at the very beginning, I doubted the new project would last a whole week. Looking for the beauty in little things is becoming a reflex again, and…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!

Happy Monday, Lovelies! Miss A, from The Hej Hej Blog has started a series of posts, where she asks bloggers from around the world to give her readers a little insight about their home country. I had the honor of being designated Canada’s official ambassador, and I filled my duties with the most seriousness (almost).…… Continue reading A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!