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A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

Miss A, from The Hej Hej Blog has started a series of posts, where she asks bloggers from around the world to give her readers a little insight about their home country. I had the honor of being designated Canada’s official ambassador, and I filled my duties with the most seriousness (almost).

You can have a look at our little talk about Canada and Canadian wonders by clicking on the link below… And don’t forget to have a little look around, while you’re at Ana’s! She’s a great lady with a witty sense of humor… and though she now lives in Dubaï, she comes from Sweden! That’s like… A bridge-away from being a Dane! How neat!!

In my little series of interviews the turn has come to our friends in Canada. This will be different to the previous post Hej Hej Syria, which was extremely popular. Thank you for reading and commenting. If you haven’t yet read it please click here. Why did I choose Canada? Oh Canada. Well, it’s a country […]

via Hej Ey Canada! — The Hejhej blog

4 thoughts on “A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!

  1. Thank you Cyranny for being so awesome and taking time to answer all the high level questions that this true journalist made some real research to find (google). You are a star!

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