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Welcome Back Party!

Do you remember the good old Meet & Greet parties, we used to throw, a couple of years back? Aside from Trina’s weekly Weekend Share, I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen one in my Reader. Recently, someone strongly suggested that I’d throw such a party. And I think that’s a great idea. Especially since WP has been…… Continue reading Welcome Back Party!

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Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

  Following my previous post, I exchanged a couple of messages with some of you, regarding how brilliantly the day was unfolding for me. I’d like to thank you all again for your kind words, and your pats on the back. I don’t call you Lovelies, “Lovelies” for no reason. You are awesome people! And…… Continue reading Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

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Still an hour to go! – M&G Party @ Trina’s

If you don’t know Trina already, just skip my jibber jabber, and click on the link below right now 🙂 If you do know Trina, well, it is time to come by, drop a couple of links for everybody to enjoy, and meet old fellow bloggers as well as new faces!! Free reblogs? Really??? Is…… Continue reading Still an hour to go! – M&G Party @ Trina’s

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Promote yourself Monday @ Go Dog Go CafĂ©

It’s Monday already… Geez, weeks are passing by so quick! Time for me to invite you to Go Dog Go CafĂ© for some mingling with fellow bloggers and share some of your latest writings! For free! What else is free in 2018?? Hehehehe Come sip on a good cup of dark brew, and leave a…… Continue reading Promote yourself Monday @ Go Dog Go CafĂ©

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Weekend Share @ Trina’s!

It is this time of the week! The fabulamaztastic Trina opens her blog for you, and offers to reblog links to your site for free!! What else can you get free in 2018?? It is a good occasion to look back on your writings of the past week… And if you come, you’ll have the…… Continue reading Weekend Share @ Trina’s!

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Rachel’s Sunday gathering. ..

Do you know Rachel? Every Sunday, she invites everybody to mingle, and unless I am super busy, I make sure to attend 🙂 If you’d like to share your blog and discover new faces, just click on the link below! Sunday Social is a place to mingle, collaborate, and share our blogs. Sunday Social is…… Continue reading Rachel’s Sunday gathering. ..

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Sleepover Party – Reminder!

Join in and have fun! Pjs aren’t mandatory, As long as you come!   Yes, we’re having a sleepover party at The Cove…  No loud music or flashy decorations, this time, but a very cosy (did I hear someone say “hygge”? Yes! Indeed, we’re going hygge-style) get together around the fire place, sipping a hot…… Continue reading Sleepover Party – Reminder!

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Sleepover party at The Cove!

  We’ve just turned the calendar’s page again, and following January and February parties’ success, I think it is time we give it another round! Some of you might have noticed that I have been pretty quiet lately. I appologize for that… I know I’ve missed a lot of good posts, and haven’t been the most creative. I guess…… Continue reading Sleepover party at The Cove!

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Nikki’s Birthday Bash-Meet & Greet! @Kinder Way

Ok… Drumroll please! This Friday, Nikki from A Kinder Way is celebrating her 45th birthday!! Now, if that doesn’t deserve a click, I don’t know what does!  Come and wish the birthday girl a lovely day, and leave a link so people can discover you too!! I’ll be there with a silly birthday hat to paaarty!…… Continue reading Nikki’s Birthday Bash-Meet & Greet! @Kinder Way

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Weekend Share @ Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Trina and I chat all week long, but Fridays are special! She gathers links from bloggers and kindly reposts them… It is a great occasion to share your favorite pieces of the week, and to catch up on other writers’ best work! Take a little minute and come mingle with us 🙂 You’ll see, it’s…… Continue reading Weekend Share @ Its good to be crazy Sometimes