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Letter to Margrethe II…

Montréal, February 27th 2018.

Your Majesty,

I would gladly say my Majesty, but unfortunately can’t, and this is the main reason for this letter. I already have a queen, Elizabeth II, but I would like to arrange to officially switch my indefectible loyalty to you, and the Kingdom of Denmark!

First and foremost, please accept my most sincere condolences. I was deeply sorry when I learnt about the passing of your beloved husband just two weeks ago. I am aware that this letter comes at a rather clumsy time, but for reasons out of my control, I have to reach to you today!

I fell in love with Denmark years ago. I have read everything I could find about your beautiful country, its history, culture, people… I’ve made Danish friends, started learning Danish, and I came to visit three times already. I can assure you, this is not a passing fad.

In fact, I suspect that some people around me, here in Canada, are starting to think that I am mentally ill. My obsession might get me kicked out anytime now, and I’d rather move to Denmark as per request of your Highness, than just be rescued after being banned from my home country.

I can say rødgrød med fløde three times in a row without choking, and name your eight grand children alphabetically. I’ll do anything needed to gain your full and complete trust, even eat ladkris (I’m still working on liking that).

I would’nt dare trying to play with your feelings, but with my upcoming birthday, it would be quite the ultimate gift, when I hit the big 40, to be invited as honorary citizen of Denmark.

Please excuse my lack of protocole… It is one other thing I’ll work on with great pleasure for you!

Most humbly yours,






30 thoughts on “Letter to Margrethe II…

    1. Thank you Biff 🙂 If I ever get in touch with anyone related to Queen Margrethe II, I’ll make sure to mention you… I am convinced that can only help me get into Danish Royaltie’s good graces 🙂 xx

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      1. Hehehehehe I wonder how I managed not to get arrested yet, for over-enthusiasm! I did get a warning, from a Royal guard once! When I visited Amaliensborg Castle, in Copenhagen, I asked my friend to take a picture of me, with my hand pressed to the Castle’s wall…. Seems like that’s forbidden! But the guard was nice enough to wait after the picture to tell me! 😉

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      2. Wouldn’t it be great, if we could show enough enthusiasm for living in a certain place, that we could actually live there? We could be granted honorary citizenship just simply because we want to live there more than anywhere else.

        I loved the story of you touching the castle wall! I never knew you were such a daredevil and a rebel!


    1. I actually found the email address to Amaliensborg Palace… I might write to them tomorrow, and link in my post. With an explanation, of course… But just to see 😉 If I ever get a reply from anything related to Danish Royalty I’ll surely faint 😛

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      1. It is a crazy project… but that spells Cyranny 😛 I have a feeling I’ll try to reach them tomorrow… We’ll see! What’s the worst that could happen? No repply? I can live with that 😛

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    1. Thanks a lot Jacqueline 🙂 Denmark is indeed a very lovely and peaceful country… Small spot on the World Map, but totally worth a visit! I’m glad this made you smile… With a little luck, my love for DK will come to the Queen’s attention, maybe allowing me unlimited access to Danish lands…. 😉

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  1. After thinking about it overnight I decided you should write it out on paper and send it to her. I think she’d get a kick out of it..probably invite you to visit and stay with her in the palace…does she have a palace/ she must, she’s a queen. Think of the blogs you could write!

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    1. Good idea, Suze! The Royal Family does have several castles… That would a memorable experience, and I don’t think anything I could write could get me the honor of a personal invitation, but I will certainly get a kick out of imagining the person in charge of screening the Queen’s mail, getting my letter, reading it, and thinking “some people are silly!” lol

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