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Another visit…



Not my best picture… But I really wanted to catch him today.

My spring sparrow paid a visit again this morning.


I don’t have much to say, words elude me, but this made me smile, and I wanted to share it. I know it is silly, but I find joy in little things…

15 thoughts on “Another visit…

    1. Amen, man! I love it when I start hearing the birds singing in the morning… People here keep telling me we still have a few storms in store. And I know they are right… But when the sparrows are back, I know most of the harsh weather is behind us!

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      1. It’s felt like spring here for a while now. Today is perfect! 65 and sunny! Nice change from the 10 days of rain we’ve had. And supposed to rain the next 3 days again. But, the birds are out and the frogs are noisy at night. It’s coming! 😃


    1. Probably! He seemed very interested in me and Freja, checking him out of the living room’s window…. There was much head tilting our way 🙂 Sparrows are just so cute!


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