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When the best, I’ll be…


Starting at the bottom,

step by step, upping my

game, always looking high…

I’ll paint my lips bright

red as fire, curl my hair

I’ll wrap my body in

the finest silk, showing

just enough, not showing

too much… I’ll sing with

a crystal voice, charming

them with my words, with

my thoughts, with my dreams…

Winning them one by

one, fighting for their undivided

attention. I won’t rest and I won’t

stop, until I’ve reached the top,

until every man around adores

me, craves my attention, longs

for my caress… I’ll make them

cheer for me, fluttering my

eye lashes, pretending to

doubt, but don’t worry…


Love, when they’re all

at my feet…  I’ll choose

you in a heartbeat…


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