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Have I ever mentionned how lost I am with Twitter?

Well, I’ll be damned, I found something even more confusing to me. I’ve opened an account, just to be sure that no one would take my name, but I’ve been going through all the options, and I just don’t get it…

At all…



What the dang is Pinterest anyway?

I read that it has been created in 2010. Meaning I am already 7 years (almost 8) behind, and let me tell you I am not about to catch that train!

If I understand well, which I highly doubt, I am supposed to “pin” stuff on my “board”… I just don’t know where to find that “stuff”, even if the introduction tutorial seemed to say that pretty much anything on The Internets can be pinned.

And I am guessing one of the points would be to get people to pin my stuff (posts?? probably…) on their boards. But how do I display my stuff for people to pin?

I also thought it was some kind of social media thing, I could connect with people through… But I have no clue how to look for people.

I think you get it… I am lost. Completely.

So I’m just wondering, is any of you using Pinterest? Would you care to light my lantern?

If I am right about the social media side of the platform, feel free to come and tap on my shoulder… I go under Cyranny, as you could have guessed šŸ˜‰ And if you have teaching skills, leave me advices in the comments. I’d really like to get this Pinterest thing!



16 thoughts on “Pinterwhut?…

    1. Thank you Elizabeth šŸ™‚ I’ll check out the link for sure! I’m not sure how long or how much I’ll use Pinterest, but I am curious to give it a try šŸ™‚


  1. i have been on pinterest for about six years…and you can put a subject into the top search bar and every pin on that subject will pop up. then you just scroll through and pick the pictures you like and “pin” or save them in a folder. “folders” are called ‘boards” there. It can be confusing. You can find me by typing in Suze or Susan hartline. I’ll look for you.
    I use it mostly to upload my travel pictures and pictures of my sewing and art projects to share with friends and family.

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  2. Pinterest is mainly used as a type of search engine. I use it as a way to keep things that I want to refer to in the future…organized. I’ve pinned recipes there that I hope to make and tips etc… for trips that I’d love to take amongst other things. I do have a board for my blog in which I pin my blogs. I’m still learning how it supposedly refers people back to the blog.

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      1. If you are referring to pinning your posts. I created a board in Pinterest named after my blog. On your wordpress site, you can click the “my site”. Toward the bottom of the menu is a section called configure. If you click on sharing, it should pull up connections and sharing buttons. Click on sharing buttons. Edit sharing buttons. Then you are able to choose which buttons you would like to show up at the bottom of your posts that enables yourself and others to share to other social media outlets.

        I hope this helps if this was the information that you were seeking. šŸ™‚ -Amy

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    1. LOL I have to say, the blog names would have given you up for sure… But you still should claim credit for giving me a hand anyway… I wouldn’t have found these links if it weren’t for your kind help! Thank you very much! xx

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