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Hit me with your best shot!

My inspiration is not at its peak lately, to say the least. So yesterday, when I received an email from NYC Midnight, announcing the upcoming 250-word Microfiction Challenge, I thought it might be a good idea to try it out. Brutus participated to NYC Midnight Challenges on many occasions, and got me intrigued about the…… Continue reading Hit me with your best shot!

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She dared me – update

You might remember J’s latest dare, just before Christmas. If you’d like to catch up, you can read all about itĀ hereĀ . Now, there has been some developments, and I would need your help here! It just so happened that Mew’s base player, Johan, has asked people on Instagram a little favor. He wants to trace…… Continue reading She dared me – update

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Looking back… Day 5.

  Tonight’s post will be a short one. We’re (still) running on low staff at work, and that means a lot of overtime. It would be fine if we hadn’t inherited new tasks recently, with little (almost no) training to perform them correctly. It is stressful, and tiring, and it is in parts why I…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 5.

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Something new…

  Blogging is fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Making money has never been a priority for me, but paying for my website, and for the many little gifts I’ve sent and am planning to send, made me aware that I should at least try to monetize in some way. So I thought I…… Continue reading Something new…

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Where are you?

The clock is ticking… As you might know, yesterday, I was made aware of an online contest that offers pretty much a custom made dream for me: A summer job, living 2 and a half months in Reykjavik, and traveling to different countries through summer, using the Wow Air routes, to build an online travel…… Continue reading Where are you?

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Have I ever mentionned how lost I am with Twitter? Well, I’ll be damned, I found something even more confusing to me. I’ve opened an account, just to be sure that no one would take my name, but I’ve been going through all the options, and I just don’t get it… At all…   What…… Continue reading Pinterwhut?…

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The call…

  No matter, years lost and years behind. The past is the past, impossible to take back, impossible to rewind. Time running through our fingers, like the finest sand, being licked away by the raging tides of the ocean. But for as long as life still grants us a new morning to enjoy, as long…… Continue reading The call…

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Help me, help you!

I don’t like thinking about Christmas too far in advance. But, a couple of years back, I got caught having to make most of my Christmas shopping very last minute, and I swore to myself “never again!”. This year, I thought I would do something special. Since I’ve come to know many very talented artists…… Continue reading Help me, help you!

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  I am getting everything ready, because (dang, yeah!!!!) tomorrow, I’m finally boarding a purple plane and getting shipped to Denmark! Yay! I wasn’t planin to post anything today, but… My little bro asked for my help, and that’s something I can’t refuse. His boyfriend’s 40th birthday is coming in March, and he wants to…… Continue reading Postcards…