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Just thinking…



I am puzzled (again, I know).

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I thought that maybe you Lovelies could help me make up my mind on the subject.

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I really believe that random little acts of kindness can make a real difference.

I try to apply this in my everyday life. Of course, I can’t make miracles happen, but I try my best to put a smile on people’s faces as often as I can.

On The Internets, there are many influencers who raise money through their (insane) followers base, to distribute it to people in need. They document the good deeds and post the videos on their social medias. 

I like watching these videos. I love seeing someone who’s obvioulsy going through a rough time, suddenly getting blessed by a perfect stranger.

And here’s where I got puzzled.

Although I get inspired by these people’s good deeds, I always end up thinking that publishing them online might seem like a way to make the world say ”Wow, that’s a good person!” I truly hope that they’re not doing it just to gain followers, but it sure could seem that way.

Which brings things back to me.

I won’t go into details just yet, but I’ve planned to do something (much smaller, but bear with me, I’m not raising funds, and I’ll only be spending my own money) to help some of the homeless people of Montréal.

At first, I thought ”That’s going to be great! I’ll be able to give some of these people a voice, through The Cove!” I meant to just try to inspire others to be open to at least be kind to the homeless.

But… (there’s always a ”but”) I realized that it could seem like some pure self promotion. And that disguted me. Now I’m torn between the will to share stories of under priviledged people, and the fear to look as if I am trying to make myself look good.

I know why I’ll be doing it. Which is why I wouldn’t mind not talking about it in The Cove.

But I also know that sometimes, it only takes a little feel good story to inspire another person to go ahead and act up, and be randomly kind too.

So I’ll leave it to you, my Lovelies. Because you are much wiser than I will ever be.

Should I share these stories, or not?



4 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Maybe you should look at it from the other direction. If what you plan to do will, in turn, do good for those in need, but you didn’t do it because you were afraid of the (misguided) implications upon yourself, then wouldn’t that be selfishly self-serving? On the other hand, if you go ahead with your plans and just cop any (mis)judgement that may arise from it then would not that be genuinely heroic?

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