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Looking back… Day 5.



Tonight’s post will be a short one.

We’re (still) running on low staff at work, and that means a lot of overtime. It would be fine if we hadn’t inherited new tasks recently, with little (almost no) training to perform them correctly.

It is stressful, and tiring, and it is in parts why I have been quieter lately. I fall behind answering all of your lovely comments, and I don’t have enough time to sit and write down the stories spinning in my head.

All of this is sucking fun out of life right now.

I miss the bubbly interactions we used to have… I miss how alive The Cove used to be. And with the holidays coming, I lack Christmas spirit totally.

So I had an idea.

If you’ve followed my ramblings for a while, you know I don’t often ask for something from you all. Tonight will be an exception. I need something from you.

I’d like you to hit the ”Get in touch with Cyranny”Β  link, and send me your mailing adress. I’ll prepare personalized Christmas cards, and send them out, no matter where you live. Who doesn’t like to find a nice note instead of a bill in their mailbox?

Don’t be shy, I’m no stalker. Just a girl who needs to get back in touch with the interactive blogger she once was.


10 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 5.

    1. Thank you Suze πŸ™‚ It makes me feel good to send people a little something, even if it is just a note or a little card. I know how much it makes me smile to open something else than a bill when I empty my mailbox… I hope it will have the same effect on the people I’ll send my Christmas wishes to! xx

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      1. I’d send you some, but I am affraid US post would destroy any card bearing a big bad mean Canadian stamp! LOL You always have the possibility of sending e-cards πŸ˜‰ they are quite nice too! xx


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