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Q like Quiet… A to Z Challenge

fancy_letter_q_postcard-rae84dee4007944fba7bce47c7d468716_vgbaq_8byvr_324 This is not a rant.

I don’t like ranting. I am not good at it… I’d much rather leave ranting to professionals, like Bitter Ben (You don’t know Ben? Click! Click! Click! Click!) or Mrs Completely (Mrs Viking more like, a hilarious woman that is a bit under the radars, for reasons that elude me!)

The couple of times I tried out ranting, I ended up feeling like I was just whining for attention, and I regretted doing it, although I must admit, I appreciated everyone’s kind words. You Lovelies aren’t Lovelies for no reason… You are lovely people, and I don’t want to abuse of your natural kindness…

My mood is fairly good today, and I don’t write this to be pitied. I am just a bit frustrated with my body. My head, more precisely.

I’ve had headache induced writer’s block today. I have ideas, but the pain just discourages me to write anything that needs much thinking…

I hate being quiet. Especially on days off work. My “publish” button has been itching all evening. I feel like writing, it’s just not going anywhere… I know I could just leave it there, and not post this. It’s not as if people expected anything of me, or if this was actually my job.

Blogging has just become such a habit, that it feels weird not to post. It has almost become a second nature. I am truly quiet only on bad days, when I don’t feel like writing. I can deal with that. I get much more annoyed when I want to write, but just can’t.

Oh my… Just re-reading myself makes me want to click on “move to trash”, but I know if I do, I’ll come back to the keyboard later, staring at the letters, hoping to send out something somewhat interesting out in the Bloggosphere. And I know that’s not going to happen tonight.

So… A good Wednesday night to all of you Lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Q like Quiet… A to Z Challenge

  1. I know what you mean. I think it’s the pressure. I used to feel I had to do every challenge, and I do love them, but it takes more now for me to get inspired…maybe I’ve run my course!😫😱😳🙄Keep Writing, we all have our moments, but don’t stop! Love you, C 💓


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