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On the Odd Chance – Notthedane56




I proposed
a relationship
to her

One that met our carnal needs
one that imagined
our naked bodies
rubbing together

One that told us
that we only needed
each other, none other
that we could experience
the whole, no strings attached
all stops pulled out
the whole banana

One that possessed us
one that told us
that nothing
was forbidden,
that everything
was possible

I pleaded with her
I fell down on my knees
I pledged my undying lust

What say you?
What say you, now!

She looked up from her Cellphone
and casually remarked,
“I put it into my electronic calendar
for later perusal
what more do you want?…..”




This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea.



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