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The Uncertainty – Notthedane56


The uncertainty
of knowing just when
and how, wondering
if she felt the same
as I

a photograph of her
trying to look into her eyes
without hers looking into

Being together
when two hearts beat
as one
still not knowing exactly

The uncertainty
found when tracing
the outlines of our love together
but not understanding, still
why we now are so very




This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea.



One thought on “The Uncertainty – Notthedane56

  1. A thoughtful piece. I think just that uncertainty that feeling without the other being a place to rest and feel
    secure around is the reason for
    the break up. Uncertainty in my experience is never a good sign even if we don’t know or want that to end up a part from someone we thought we loved. Better now than later.


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