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That little thing

not really missing

there all along and

never gone, how

could I lose what was

not there to begin with?

How can I miss, when

I really never had it?

Still missing it, so

very dearly, though

painfully aware it

is just silly.


Missing all the same…



5 thoughts on “Missing…

  1. Lovely short piece that packs a punch! I think what the speaker is missing is her idea or belief of whT she had, but as you say never really had. Her perspective was very different then the person who did the leaving. And perhaps this want her fault. Perhaps her idea or belief of this relationship was fed by the other person, a fantasy the allowed her to have b6 not telling the truth sooner.

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    1. Very interesting interpretation of this very instinctively writen poem… I am impressed. Very close reading of what I was imagining when I let my fingers do the rest of the job…

      Thank you very much for the kind words and much appreciated analysis 🙂 xx

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