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The leap…

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Brave

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Her heart was racing like never before. There was still time to change her mind. Still time to take a step back and tell him she couldn’t. Oh he’d be disappointed, but he’d live through it… It was quite a leap to take, and even if he seemed really excited about it, she was still terrified deep down inside. He would understand, and even if he didn’t, it was her life, her choice in the end…

They had talked about making the jump for a while now. Well, it was mostly his idea, and he had planned everything. All she had to do was to follow him, and he knew he had such a way with her, that would drive her to tag along no matter how crazy his ideas were.

She wiped her wet palms on her jeans and took a step forward. Turning his way, she looked for the least bit of doubt in his sparkling blue eyes. How could he be so sure about this?

“You know I’ll kill you if anything goes wrong, right?”

Walking to her, laughing loudly, he reached for her mouth and left a long, comforting kiss on her trembling lips.

“Everything will be just fine, Sweety… ” grinning, not leaving her gaze, “and even if something did go wrong, you couldn’t kill me… You love me way too much!”

It was time. Not quite a “now or never” moment, but not far from it. She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the breeze on her face. Breathing deep, she pulled together what little courage she had left. “Be brave, girl!” she murmured to herself.


The voice of the instructor echoed in the canyon as she let herself fall down the foot-bridge. She didn’t recognize her own voice, as her body plunged in the void, for what seemed an eternity, until the bungee cord pulled her back up. And left her swinging in the air, like a screaming ragdoll…





6 thoughts on “The leap…

      1. I was afraid of the same thing… I have a fragile back. But surprisingly, it is pretty smooth 😉 But quite frankly, I would only recommend doing it if you really really wanted to do it. It is the scariest thing LOL


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