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Via today’s Daily Prompt: Risky


“Life looks scary…” She said, looking at the screen as if it was a window on the outside world. Snuggling in his arms, she knew he was about to go home, leaving her alone to watch the next episode. What if there was drama, while he was gone…? What if there were some struggles?

He felt her shuddering, and tightened his arms around her.

“Wouldn’t you like to try it, though?” He spoke softly, as if to tame the fear stomach butterflies she got when he brought up the subject.

Living. Living for real… Living the real life. Leaving the screen and going out to do all the things she had watched these jackasses do for years… No way! Working, making friends, handling schedules and agendas, moving in with him? Having a life of their own? She couldn’t begin to imagine how she could ever manage all that at once.

It was already such a burden to worry about them, and she didn’t know them. She could always switch channels, if she couldn’t put up with their arguments, or if she got bored of watching them work… If she accepted his proposal, she wouldn’t be able to phase the bad feelings out anymore.

“We’ll fight sometimes, and we’ll hurt each other… But…” 

She wanted to tell him he wore pink glasses, but she was curious too… Even if it wasn’t all fun, it seemed nice to go out for a drink or a meal. She wanted to see music shows “live”, wanted to feel what grass felt like under her bare feet. She wanted to fall asleep next to him, and see him first thing in the morning.

After so many years preparing for life, watching it from her safe cocoon, studying what others were doing out there, she was tempted to follow him out. But she knew, once they would release them, there would be no coming back. At that thought, a chill ran down her spine…

“Life looks risky….”

He smiled, stroke her hair gently and got up after leaving a kiss on her forehead. Their time together was up for the day, and they‘d soon come and take him away if he didn’t leave on his own.

Following the rules, following their rules, always. He was ready to make his own rules, but he couldn’t make up his mind and leave her behind. Walking back to his own apartments, aware of their constant surveillance, he waved goodbye as the door swooped open.

“Life is risky, sweety… But doesn’t it look exciting?”

Door swooping shut, leaving her to think about it until his next visit…




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