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The rising…

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Fraud



To the face of the world, she was a fraud. A fraud only she knew about. Crawling, in grey shades of everything ordinary. Hiding in the shadows, away from the spot lights. Excelling in keeping silent, unseen, and unheard of. To them, she was barely a piece of the puzzle, a good little soldier paying its deeds to be part of their society…

But… She knew better. Drawing back like the tide, ready to rage in like a tsunami. Building her own realm, one dream at a time. Feeding the fire, throwing logs in, watching the flames grow higher.

In the night, her cast cracking up… Her light finding its way out, at last.  “Beware, world” she hissed through her teeth…


Like the phoenix, her wings spreading in the dark. Born again from the ashes of the failings of years past. They didn’t expect her…

They didn’t know what was coming their way…

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