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Well, thank you for wiggling!

I just finished dancing, chéri and Freja are slowly regaining counsciousness after my loud come back home.

I got a few minutes late on schedule, and rushed to the house to be able to jiggle my butt indoor (I didn’t want to risk being arrested by a confused policeman on the sidewalk). The thing is, I didn’t warn chéri I was about to do something silly. He didn’t see it coming at all!

I stormed into the appartment, grabbed my tablet in my bag and turned it on to play the song. After starting my performance (and I did put a lot of heart into it) I was asked what I was doing.

me – I am dancing with people all around the world!!

chéri – Oh no! You’re not getting into one of those ice bucket challenge things???

me – No no no… started it!

chéri – *olympic medal winning eye rolling*


I danced through the whole song anyway, thinking about Irene, Suze, The Viking and his sweet Mrs and Colin… And I wiggled until the last note!

And then I thought about this Word Porn quote I saved just yesterday…


Author unknown


39… Yeah, I guess I haven’t quite reached adulthood yet. At least, I am sure chéri doesn’t think so! Mouahahahahahaha


Thank you, fellow dancers! I hope you had fun too!!

9 thoughts on “Well, thank you for wiggling!

  1. okay, totally exhausted and I think I pulled a muscle! George said “why in the name of all that is Holy are you doing?!” I said “dancing with cyranny!”..he said “oh sweetheart…you USED to be a GOOD dancer….what happened?” Me and myself had fun anyway!

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