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I must be going mad…

Some people attack a Häagen Dazs pint with a spoon and a blanket when they’re not at their best. Ice cream will make me sick in less time it would take you to choose your favorite flavor, so I had to discard this option.

I usually have two ways to deal with frustration. I either have a “bad day” and let the bad feelings simmer on the stove, stirring them regularly.


I put myself to work. I kick my own butt, leave anything bothering me behind, and work, work work… On anything. Cleaning the house, gardening, cooking… Anything that will change my mind.

So the past few days, I’ve been working on The Cove. With inspiration lacking a bit, I focused on little things like adding links to older posts, and working on social medias.

As I already mentionned, Danny from Dream Big, Dream Often opened my eyes on the importance of linking The Cove to free networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Am I ambitious when I think about my blog? Yes and no.

I don’t blog to enlighten people. I don’t blog to share important life lessons helping people coping with illness or personal problems. And I don’t blog to promote any particular talent I might have. I blog for the fun of it. I joined the bloggosphere to interact with people and hopefully entertain in my own way.

The Cove has been online for a year and a half now… Eighteen months of daily posts (almost), of putting bits and pieces of my mind on virtual paper, of getting to know you Lovelies, and making bonds. It is, for sure, one of the projects I have put the most time, dedication and heart into. And though doing it humbly, I think it is time I try to make it grow to a new level.

So… After creating a Facebook page, I attacked Twitter.

I have been allergic to Twitter ever since it was created. Simply because I don’t understand it. I watch Chéri going down his thread looking for the latest news everyday, and it is a little beyond me. Nonetheless, I started linking The Cove’s posts on a Twitter account, to see where that could take me.

I guess it could reach people who wouldn’t visit WordPress, and there’s nothing wrong about that!

So if you enjoy your time in The Cove and would like to share the posts you like on either platform, just join in, and I’ll make sure to follow you back, and share your work too.


So, here are my new links again…


Twitter: @CovesTales


Hoping to see you on The Internets…

9 thoughts on “Tweeting?

  1. Ice cream is always a valid option.
    I feel that from this post I am much like yourself although I tend to lean more towards the let it simmer reaction.
    If I try to write when I’m like that I get frustrated and more angry and usually end up ranting on here or a poem.

    I have felt the same way you do about twitter but I set one up a couple of weeks ago mostly down to the fact that if I do ever get published they will probably want me to use it for promotion or some crap like that. That’s how the world is these days.
    Anyway I seem to have forgotten my point here.
    Hope you have a good day

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    1. Hi there Colin 🙂 Thanks for joining in on Twitter! I don’t know if I’ll manage that well, still being in the dark a bit, but having blogger fellows by my sie sure will make it less scary 🙂 LOL

      About the Ice cream VS bad feelings stirring VS work dilemma… The first one sticks to your hips, and the second one just simply sucks, so I think it is safe to go for the 3rd one. Hehehehe

      Have a great one too!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well i have followed you on there 😁

        I’m really not a fan of twitter or social media in general, I don’t count blogging as social media, but it is worth a crack.

        Generally ill go for option 1 or 2 there I have issues concentrating when I’m not happy


    1. Hahahaha No problem about that Suze! I wouldn’t either, but I am just trying something to keep my head busy with new stuff for a few days… It might not last (my twitter attempt) 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I am touched by your concern… And though I would highly doubt it could happen, I’ll ask Danny, who is a social media expert to keep an eye on me, just in case… Mouahahahahah

      Liked by 1 person

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