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And here’s #1338!

Congratulations for publishing your 1337th post.   Well, thank you WordPress! I think I can say, in all honesty, that I didn’t see this one coming! I might look a bit sarcastic, but I am not. I appreciate the pat on the back, and the administrators’ obvious sense of humor. I mean who needs a…… Continue reading And here’s #1338!

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I must be going mad… Some people attack a Häagen Dazs pint with a spoon and a blanket when they’re not at their best. Ice cream will make me sick in less time it would take you to choose your favorite flavor, so I had to discard this option. I usually have two ways to…… Continue reading Tweeting?

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Go garden!

I love gardening… I enjoy playing in the soil, and making things grow. And as my only alone day off this week, it was time to start my balcony garden today. It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was nice, and Freja came out with me to play in the dirt… Well, not actually.…… Continue reading Go garden!

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New Partnership…

I am a bit paradoxal. To anyone asking, I would spontaneously say that I am happy with how the Cove is doing. More than happy! I never would have dreamed of getting this far. I am not planin on doing anything professional with it either, I wouldn’t know how that would even be possible. But…… Continue reading New Partnership…