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New Partnership…

I am a bit paradoxal.

To anyone asking, I would spontaneously say that I am happy with how the Cove is doing. More than happy! I never would have dreamed of getting this far. I am not planin on doing anything professional with it either, I wouldn’t know how that would even be possible.

But everything’s bound to grow in life. Plants get taller, flowers bloom, and kittens become cats no matter how cute they are.

So a few months ago, I decided to partner up with Danny from Dream Big, Dream Often. It brought in new visitors, and I discovered new blogs and writters too. Somehow, it created a stronger feeling of being part of the blogging community.

When Lucky Otters Haven offered to take partners, I didn’t hesitate long. I’ve been following the blog for quite some time now, shared giggles and deep thoughts with it’s founder. So, I sent my request, and was surprised to quickly learn that I would be the first official partner of the Haven.

First is fun! I feel special 😉 Everybody likes feeling special, right?

So, I raise my glass to my new partner, and say cheers to working together in a near future!

Here’s the link for my official entry in Lucky Otters Haven  🙂



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