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My phantom page!

  A short short post, because I created a new page, and it is somewhere, but obviously not where I intended it to be! It was supposed to stand next to my “About” and “Get in touch with” pages, but it doesn’t seem to be the case…. So, until I find where things went wrong….…… Continue reading My phantom page!

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Picture Battle – Momma vs Cyra

The cat’s out of the bag!     MommaΒ and I have been picture battling, and after going freestyle for a while, Momma has set a few rules to make it easier for friends to join in!! Here’s what the Picture Battle is all about: Post a funny picture (meme or similar) Title of your post…… Continue reading Picture Battle – Momma vs Cyra

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My type…

  I had this one in store for a while… Fits so perfectly today! Still two hours to go, at the office (yeah… where else?) and I can hear my bed screaming for me to come home, from around the corner of the street. And I just want to go meet it, and put my…… Continue reading My type…

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Ok, I’ve had enough of it!

Yes, exclamation point! Nothing less! You might think that it is my cold going to my brain, and making me cranky. You’re half right about that. It is the cold, yes, but it is not making me cranky, it just turned my fiction switch to off, meaning if I want to post something, it has…… Continue reading Ok, I’ve had enough of it!

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I knew it.

  It was inevitable… I’ve been extra careful lately. It is the time of year when you have to keep your guard up at all times, which I thought I had. To my defense, ChΓ©ri is like a toddler. He goes to work (ok, toddlers don’t do that, but bare with me) and he brings…… Continue reading I knew it.

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Meet and Greet: 11/26/16 β€” Dream Big, Dream Often

Happy Saturday Lovelies… As one of Danny’s blogging partners, it is a pleasure to invite you all to his Meet & Greet party all weekend! Danny always has a pocketfull of kind and clever words to share, just come and mingle to share your blog and discover new faces πŸ™‚   It’s the Meet and…… Continue reading Meet and Greet: 11/26/16 β€” Dream Big, Dream Often

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Being creative at work…

  I think I am someone who’s pretty creative… Maybe not over-artistic, but creative, yes! And creativity saved my life once more today (ok, I might be a tad dramatic there, but still, I thought it might interrest one or two of you Lovelies) Context? Ok, I was working a 5 am to 4h45 pm…… Continue reading Being creative at work…