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Picture Battle – Momma vs Cyra

The cat’s out of the bag!




Momma and I have been picture battling, and after going freestyle for a while, Momma has set a few rules to make it easier for friends to join in!!

Here’s what the Picture Battle is all about:

  • Post a funny picture (meme or similar)
  • Title of your post must have “Picture Battle” in it
  • Invite at least one blogger to participate
  • Mention the blogger who has invited you to the battle and the blog the Picture Battle has originated (Cyranny’s Cove)
  • Don’t forget to laugh😉


So, my kitty picture is the fight back for Momma’s sexy monkey! *hugs* from the othe side of the planet 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wondering what you come up with:








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