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via Daily Prompt: Unmoored   I have done it. Done it all… I took care of business. Made our house a home nice enough to come back to gladly, filled the fridge and emptied the trash. Fed the dog and watered the plants. Paid the bills and wrote the check for the rent. I returned the…… Continue reading Unmoored…

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Go garden!

I love gardening… I enjoy playing in the soil, and making things grow. And as my only alone day off this week, it was time to start my balcony garden today. It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was nice, and Freja came out with me to play in the dirt… Well, not actually.…… Continue reading Go garden!

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Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!

Having a persian cat is not a low maintenance business. If you don’t like grooming, you should forget the fluffy furballs! They are cute, but they require the daily share of brushing and combing, no matter what kitty thinks about it. Miss Freja hasn’t finished her Valkyrie training, but she hasn’t given up just yet.…… Continue reading Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!