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  Really, Cyranny? You said “twerk”?? Oh yeah! Because I just twerked against my will for fifteen minutes in the subway. I never would have thought metro rails could be so bumpy! Not a pretty sight, let me tell you that! I’d like to publicly appologize to all the other passengers, especially those who had…… Continue reading Twerk!

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Picture Battle! OM vs Cyra – in bed…

No no, don’t go alerting Chéri or Jason’s wife just yet! Mr Opinionated Man just posted one of his famous everyday life pictures, and since I am still pursuing (oh dang, that’s today’s Daily Post challenge… Too bad, I’ll have to pursue something else later) the dream of getting the Guiness Book of Record’s record of…… Continue reading Picture Battle! OM vs Cyra – in bed…

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  Ugh. “Proves you have one” right? Well, I’m 39 years old, I know that I have a head, thank you very much! I don’t remember mentionning it in the Cove, but for the last 15 years or so (I’m not actually keeping track, it is not something I like to celebrate) I suffered, and…… Continue reading!