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Picture Battle! OM vs Cyra – in bed…

No no, don’t go alerting Chéri or Jason’s wife just yet!

Mr Opinionated Man just posted one of his famous everyday life pictures, and since I am still pursuing (oh dang, that’s today’s Daily Post challenge… Too bad, I’ll have to pursue something else later) the dream of getting the Guiness Book of Record’s record of the most-restraining-orders-from-blogger-fellows holder… Well, I just had to battle him again.

So here’s OM’s bed.

And here’s mine…


Made just before 1 pm. Hah! I win on that one! My day started later than yours, making me a better procrastinator!

Note the very Canadian deer head…

16 thoughts on “Picture Battle! OM vs Cyra – in bed…

      1. What are you guys doing? Ganging up against me?? You might be a Ninja, Mr Jason, but I have Viking friends in many time zones… And I ain’t afraid to use them! lol

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      1. Don’t overthink it. Blogging is about putting yourself out there a little. I’ve written things in the past that I wonder if I should have, but in the end it’s not like people are showing up at my place. lol


    1. 🙂 I think it is pretty cool 🙂 I used to have my Mads pillow on the bed, but chéri didn’t like when I talked to it… He thought it was creepy to see me chat with a cannibal, in the darkness. Deers don’t talk, so it is chéri-approved! lol


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