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via Daily Prompt: Control If you knew, the control behind these tied hands of mine… * Keeping a straight face at all times. Preserving you from the Mayhem. * You couldn’t stand the tide of my full throttle love.

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Cute… or Odd?

No… I haven’t found the “off” switch on my brain yet (if someone knows where it is, tell me pleeeeeeaaaaase!). As part of my morning routine, I quickly scrolled down through what my Facebook friends had to say and show, and link in, since yesterday evening. I came across a cute video of a puppy…… Continue reading Cute… or Odd?

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Jealous… Me?

via Daily Prompt: Apprentice   I always thought I was allergic to jealousy…   Not getting the point of the useless emotion.   Wasn’t it? Pointless, to doubt if you trusted?   But you made me your apprentice, and taught me against my very will…   To envy others, some I didn’t even know.   And…… Continue reading Jealous… Me?